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New Partnership Sydney Collier

Flexi Equine want to welcome a new partnership to our team.
Sydney Collier is 22 years old, originally from Ann Arbor Michigan. She is a 1 time United States Paralympic Equestrian working towards her second games, the 2020/21 Paralympic Games with the help of her sponsor Georgina Bloomberg. She represented the USA in the World Equestrian games in 2014 in Normandie France as well as the paralympics in 2016 in Rio where She finished 7th in her grade!!
Our tack lockers are key for her as a Para Equestrian because She has to pack her own tack as well as the tack that her trainer uses to ride her horse, so as you can imagine it adds up and takes up quite a lot of space! It immediately jumped out to her how Thoughtfully our tack lockers are put together, making sure that each and every space is utilized which is exactly what She needs!
Sydney was first diagnosed with a rare life Threatening birth defect known as Wyburn Mason Syndrome at the age of 7, less than 1000 people on earth even have wyburn Mason Syndrome diagnosed, and the experimental treatment has left her blind in her right eye and 3/4ths blind in her left as well as paralyzed on her left side with no feeling, from 5 strokes over the years that started during her first brain surgery when She was 11, She woke up from surgery in a body that no longer felt like her own… She had no idea what She was going to do but it was her love for horses that got her through it and discovering the sport of paradressage was when it all came together. She realized that She didn’t have to give up on her HUGE goals just because She didn’t move the same as other people and had to do things differently, it was then that it all came together and she set her sights on representing the USA in the world Equestrian Games in 2014 and the Paralympics in 2016 and I’m very proud to tell you that She accomplished both those goals and She was the youngest competitor in the whole World Equestrian Games at just 16!! And the youngest competitor in the sport of paradressage in Rio!!
We are so excited to see more from this lady and what she can accomplish.
To read more about her story please visit her website
www.sydsparaquest.com‬ @sydsparaques

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